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Fabulous grooming and show prep products that really work and make your horse a winner. A professional show finish in minutes as well as for everyday use too



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Vicky Goody

Blog from one of our customers, Sophie Petitt – “The first Smart Grooming product I tried was this pot of Leg and Body Whitening Powder. B has 3 white socks that we wash before competitions, and usually use chalk to finish them off before going into the show ring.

I must admit that I have used other leg whiteners before but wasn't all that impressed. I've used spray on whiteners but that was just very sticky and clumped all the hair together which didn't look natural. We usually use chalk which works well but covers you, the horse and everything else in a thin layer of dust! Not what you want with a nice clean horse now covered in fine chalk dust. So with an open mind I was keen to try this powder out.

Firstly I off washed B's legs with whitening shampoo to remove the ingrained dirt and mud (B does love to wade in muddy puddles) and start with a 'blank canvas' as it were. His nice clean legs below –

I then dampened a sponge as suggested and lightly dipped one end into the powder. I wasn't quite sure how much to use so I just covered about a quarter of the sponge with a thin layer of powder. I then began gently rubbing it over B's white legs. He has quite a straight transition into his chestnut fur into his white socks so I used a square sponge so that I could really make sure I accurately covered only the white sock and didn't get any of the powder onto the rest of his legs. It’s good to use the corners of the sponge to get into corners and little edges accurately without smudging.

The powder goes a long way so use sparingly to avoid caking the fur. It will stick together a little, but don't worry that will go once it's dry.

I then left it to dry out slightly, then put clean travel boots over the top to avoid getting any dirt, poo or anything else on his now immaculate white socks. This saved time at the show as this job was already done!

Once at the show and B was unloaded and his boots taken off, his legs had completely dried. I brushed the excess powder off, which will also de-clump the hair making it look nice and natural, and slightly fluffy.

Ta Dah! Look how white they are! I was honestly really shocked with how good the results are.