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Fabulous grooming and show prep products that really work and make your horse a winner. A professional show finish in minutes as well as for everyday use too

Transforming the Muddy Monster


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Transforming the Muddy Monster

Vicky Goody

Muddy monsters definitely need a Super Groomer at the ready. This simple but effective grooming mitt gets rid of either wet liquid mud with the help of a hosepipe, or dry caked mud by using in circular motions - this also massages at the same time and are perfect for super sensitive horses and around the head.

Once the mud removal is done, the quickest and easiest solution to getting a short coat, is to clip.  Once clipped, a great way to achieve a shiny clipped coat is to use the no rinse solution of Smart Grooming's Lavender Splosh Wash.  This product can be used diluted or neat and if mixed with a little hot water and then applied with a cloth, this will remove any stubborn grease and leave the coat really shiny, and ready for the new summer coat to grow through.  For a really super shiny final finish, you can add a little of Smart Grooming's Super Shine lotion - this is a high gloss concentrate and can be applied directly to the coat on a cloth, either by hot clothing (just add to hot water) or neat.

After getting the coat super clean, we would recommend rugging up well - there are lots of good cling fitting hoods and under garments now that really do a good job of keeping the coat laying well and encouraging the coat to come through as well as stopping the top rugs from rubbing the shoulder areas.

For real hairies that don't want to be clipped but just left tidy, then take a look at the Ezee Groom.  This is a simple but really effective shedding tool which helps remove dead and excess hair and grease.  With a small serated blade it makes light work of massive hair removal.  

The final finish may mean a quick tidy up in the mane and tail department.  For a humane way to deal with unruly manes and tails, try the Smart Tails Tail rake or the wider Smart Manes rake for a real thin out.  These are guaranteed to work on the most sensitive and will achieve tidy tails and manes in minutes.

The secrets are out! For the really best finish for those hairy beasties here are the details of products mentioned:

Super Groomer - makes removing dried. caked mud and sweat really quick and easy.  It is really brilliant to use on sensitive horses, and is particularly good to use around the head and eyes where mud can get stuck on and brush bristles are not always appreciated!

Lavender Splosh Wash - gentle enough to be used everyday to leave the coat clean and glossy. It also has a soothing effect on tired muscles after exercise and can be used neat to disperse bruising.  500ml or 5 litre option for larger yards.  

Ezee Groom - an indispensable shedding tool designed for removing loose hair and dirt without causing any discomfort.  Its simple and ergonomic design produces flawless results, thinning out dead and shedding hair quickly and effectively.  It is gentle to use and doesn't pull the hair or cause any discomfort. In sizes small or large. 

Super Shine -  a concentrated high gloss lotion for use on all body areas and manes and tails.  This multi-purpose lotion can be used as a highlighter, a mix for make-up or used for “hot clothing” with hot water, as a final finish for the ultimate shine.  The best thing is it doesn’t attract dust or dirt and is also good used down legs as an effective mud repellent during winter months.

Smart Tails and Manes -  struggling to thin and tame unruly manes and tails?  Smart Tails will give you the show ring finish in minutes with no discomfort  to your horse and safe for you to use too.  If you are looking for that smart professional “pulled” look or just want more definition and less bulk to the mane or tail, then choose from either coarse, medium, fine or super fine grades depending on the finish.