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Recipe for a White Tail

Vicky Goody

"Hi, I have a dapple grey with a yellow tail - I’'ve tried everything to get it white (doesn't help that she's not a clean horse) do you have anything that can help?”

This is one of our most regular questions that we receive and thought it would be good to share our answer to help others with the ‘yellow tail syndrome’…

 This is a very common problem, and the answer really depends how stained as to how instantly the original colour can be retrieved. With mares, the urine will obviously stain the tail, but if it is washed very regularly and conditioned - at least every week - then this will then not allow the stain to penetrate the hair.  Once this has happened it is very difficult to get it instantly completely white again. I myself have a mare with a white tail, when she came to me the tail was in yellow ringlets, it is now very white.

I started by washing the tail every day for a couple of weeks, this really helped and gradually over a few weeks it regained its originally white colour.  

Whiten a yellow tail before and after.jpg
Whiten a yellow tail products.jpg

You Will Need

The products I used to achieve this are:

Polar White, Deep Purple Shampoo, Super Blue

I used Gloss n Go and Super Shine Lotion after washing to reduce future stains.


 1.     First fully immerse the tail in a bucket of very warm water, if you can allow it to soak for as long as possible (3-4 mins is ideal) this will allow the water to really soak into the hair.

2.    Spray with Polar White and massage/rub in well, from the bottom of the tail up to the dock.  Leave for 3-4 mins.

3.    Add Deep Purple shampoo and repeat the massage/rubbing procedure.  

Whiten a yellow tail washing tail.jpg

4.    Rinse off and shampoo once more before a final rinse in very warm water.  

5.    Lastly, add half a teaspoon of Super Blue powder to 1/4 bucket of water, stir in and then submerge the tail.  Swish the water over and around the tail (the water will be royal blue) remove from the bucket and then rinse off with clear water. Here’s a quick video of the Super Blue in action… 

6.    Spin the tail to remove excess water and then apply a mane and tail conditioning spray - we use our Gloss n Go or Super Shine lotion which is a more concentrated barrier lotion.  This not only conditions and makes the tail easy to brush, but also provides a barrier from more urine seeping into the hair before the next wash.

7.    Repeat each day for the first week to maximise results.