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Fabulous grooming and show prep products that really work and make your horse a winner. A professional show finish in minutes as well as for everyday use too

Official UK Brand Ambassador application details


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Official UK Brand Ambassador application details

Vicky Goody


Do you have what it takes to be a UK Brand Ambassador for Smart Grooming?

We are recruiting for 2019 and we are looking for exceptional individuals who are passionate about riding, grooming and turning both themselves and their horses’ or ponies’ out to a very high standard; as well as being able to present well on social media channels, both written and in video format and representing the brand in a fun, informative and friendly manner.

In return you will have the backing of a professional brand for both information and knowledge of products and to have a company name associated and backing you in the equestrian world.  We offer our Brand Ambassadors 20% discount on all Smart Grooming products as well as access to a range of branded clothing and saddle cloths available to ambassadors only.  These are offered to you at a trade price as well as complimentary embroidery including your name or team name, free of charge.

We also offer opportunities to compile videos and write ups on products from a tried and tested angle with product bonuses for ambassadors that contribute on a very regular basis to advertise our brand. There will also be other opportunities to attend and help at show prep clinics (dates to be confirmed) and to meet up at events that we may be at, which will include Your Horse Live in November.


In order to progress your Ambassador Application you will need to do the following: (it is in your interest to do this accurately and to follow the procedure in order for the application to be considered).

1.       Include your full name, your social media account names, and social media accounts that you would use to promote Smart Grooming in any way.

2.       Postal and email address

3.       Permission from your parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old, that they are happy for you to represent us. This can be a paragraph written by them at the end of your email and to include their email address for us to verify with them if you are selected.

4.       Highlight any past social content that you have created that you feel might show us how you could represent us.  For example, this could be a tried and tested review, a video on a product that you have been pleased with, or feedback on a competition day.

5.       If you are already familiar with our brand and have used our products, please let us know what products you are using and how you found us.

6.       We like interaction with our ambassadors – are you good at keeping in touch? We don’t mean just tagging us in what you are doing!

7.       Do you have your own ideas on promotion?  We are always looking for a fresh approach, you may have the idea that could really work for a brand like ours!

8.       Which social media channels to you regularly use?

9.       Do you have a You Tube Channel and are you comfortable with making short videos, confident to give practical advice and be able to demo our products if asked?

10.   Most importantly, why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador for Smart Grooming?

11.   Lastly, don’t forget to mention us on one or more of your social channels and tag us to show us that you really do want to be part of our team.  Use some initiative on this one!


Applications including no more than 3 photos must be sent by email to:  If you are sending multiple or large files then add a WeTransfer link or attach a zipped file. Closing date is at MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY 25TH JANUARY 2019 - GOOD LUCK!

 We will only be in direct touch with applications that we are accepting.  If you have not been contacted by 8th February, this will mean you haven’t been accepted for 2019, but there is always another chance next year!