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Fabulous grooming and show prep products that really work and make your horse a winner. A professional show finish in minutes as well as for everyday use too

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Gloss n Go

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Gloss n Go


500ml trigger spray. Superb mane, tail and body finishing spray.

This is a high gloss formula similar to the Super Shine but in a trigger spray format – use sparingly avoiding saddle area.  Ideal used after plaiting to give extra shine to plaits and for a final spray over tails and body before performance.  Also used in the winter as a mud barrier and as a preventative for mud fever.  Spray generously on legs and areas that need mud prevention before turning out

Our high shine products enhance a naturally healthy coat without giving artificial shine and residue that can come from oil-based products. Our sprays and lotions include essential extracts and synthetic ingredients to ensure slide and shine, making them perfect for giving you a high shine finish. Once on the coat, they are dry to the touch.

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I was recommended Deep Purple shampoo, Tame the Mane (which is fantastic) and Gloss n Go. We took him to a competition at the weekend and he won! Thank you Smart Grooming! Sarah Davies

This is a fab product which can be used as a really high shine final finish to coats and manes and tails.  Love it and you can use just a little which lasts ages. Sarah Jane