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Fabulous grooming and show prep products that really work and make your horse a winner. A professional show finish in minutes as well as for everyday use too

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Lavender Splosh Wash

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Lavender Splosh Wash

from 6.95

Available in 500ml or 5 litre – A gentle, rich conditioning shampoo. FEI compliant

Splosh Wash is a refreshing but invigorating everyday wash off lotion to cool and soothe tired muscles as well as making removal of sweat, mud and dirt quick and easy. Lavender is again added to this product to aid with soothing and recovery after exercise.  Can be used diluted (mix a capful in a bucket of warm water) or neat to disperse bruising.  No need to rinse.  Avoid using on broken skin or sensitive areas.

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It’s fast approaching the time of year that every ride ends with a  sweaty sticky horse, but we all know washing daily with shampoo is no good for the coat and skin……………….enter lavender splosh wash!

This doesn’t have to be rinsed off and will remove all sweat and sticky marks, leaving your horse silky smooth, clean and itch free.

I use 1 cap full per bucket of cool water and sponge on, paying careful attention to behind ears, armpits and up inside the hind legs-all those easily forgotten sweaty areas that bacteria loves! Washes off leaving a really shiny coat, or can be left on when applied to tendon areas after hard work. Fran Turner - Diamonds in the Rough Dressage

Wow what can I say, the Lavender Splosh Wash is definitely the newest addition to my wash bag. This product is used to wash off your horse or pony after exercise, just pour a little in a bucket of water and sponge over the sweaty patches. Not only does this product help to relax and soothe fatigued muscles, it also smells amazing which is always a bonus. This it’s defiantly my new favourite wash off lotion.  Honour Redhouse