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Lotions & Potions

Tame the Mane

Tame the Mane white background.jpg
Tame the Mane white background.jpg

Tame the Mane


500ml Trigger spray.  Superb conditioner and detangler for hairy horses.

Smart Grooming’s Tame the Mane is perfect for taming and conditioning thick natural manes and tails, leaving them easy to manage and tangle free as well as keeping the mud away in challenging conditions.  Tame the mane can also be sprayed onto thick feathers to keep them clean and easily managed.  It dries quickly and detangles fast, and doesn’t attract the dust!  It gives definition and holds manes in place as well as enhancing the natural look of a full mane.  Perfect for Traditionals and M&M’s as well as an everyday spray to keep to hand.

Pictured below are our Smart Grooming Ambassadors Olivia Banwell and Marina Greenaway showing the fantastic results of Tame the Mane on their ponies Teddy and Mccartney's Marmite.

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